The Black Hole


It sucks to feel this way. To feel that you’re not worthy to be someone else’s apple of the eye. To think that you have no right to assume that someone looks at you admiringly. To believe that you deserve nobody’s attention.

I can’t even seem to write my sentences correctly. That’s how bad this makes me feel.

This is the reason why I always force myself to stop assuming, stop thinking about such things, stop welcoming such thougts, ideas, feelings, and even a well-meaning compliment or admiration from someone else.

Because it’s easier to pretend that you never notice such things than to ignore what other people have to say.



Thank you!

Thank you
for remembering me on my special day.
Your warm greetings
remind me that everything is more than okay.
Here’s a hug
and a kiss I blow with both hands.
I hope these are enough
to send out my love so grand.

To Solace, with Love

Dear Solace,

It’s nice to have you as company every once in a while–or at least everytime I am visited by this persistent yet inconsistent ‘suitor’ that brings me crazy mood swings and temporary hormonal dysfunction. I think, though, that on regular days we could both work together just fine. Unless of course you suddenly realize that I bore you to death.

Until our next correspondence!

Yours Truly,

Isang Paalala

Posted by alalai on Sep 29, ’09 3:29 AM

Sa dinami-rami ng panahon na pwede tayong mag-away, ngayon pa na panahon kung kailan dapat magkaisa.

Sabagay, hindi rin natin maiiwasan na madala sa mga damdamin natin, lalo na kung alam natin na mali. Kahit ako naman, nakapagbitiw rin ng mga bagay na bagamat hindi makatutulong sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo, maiiwasan naman ang pagkasalanta ng bugso ng damdamin ko.